Gender equality
Sustainable financing
Effective governance
Knowledge economy

Gender equality

Advance a feminist agenda in social and
economic sectors.

Promote women leadership in health and
political spheres.

Address barriers to women empowerment and

Improve financial inclusion and access to
economic opportunities.

Sustainable Financing

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Advocate for increased domestic financing for
health and development.
Promote innovative and sustainable financial
Incentivise diversification of health and
development financing.

Effective governance

Boost transparency and accountability in decision-making processes.

Nurture inclusiveness and participation of stakeholders, including marginalized groups.

Promote the use of evidence-based policies and programs.

Advocate for effective allocation and management of resources.

Encourage strong leadership and management practices.

Stimulate adherence to ethical and legal standards.

Knowledge Economy

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Generate and share knowledge to influence
public policies.
Promote the use of relevant knowledge for
decision making.
Foster innovation through intellectual capital
and IT technology resources.

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