The Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD)

The Institute for Global Health and Development is
built on trust, transparency, and shared goals,
and is committed to creating lasting change that
benefits individuals, especially women, and

Through effective partnerships, we believe we
can achieve the goals of equitable access to
quality and affordable healthcare and economic
opportunities for all.

To advance its mission, IGHD will initiate,
maintain, and strengthen cooperation, exchange of
knowledge and experience and collaborate with
academic communities, professional
organizations, health and development institutions
and partners with similar and converging
objectives and purpose.

IGHD aims to

Promote and conduct health research in
relevant areas of infectious, non-communicable
diseases, governance, financing, gender, equity,
and development

Advocate for the adoption of evidence-based

 Generate and use knowledge for professional
and institutional capacity and skills development
and/or strengthening in the domains of research,
health, human and economic development,
particularly among vulnerable communities and in
underprivileged areas

Advance the gender equality agenda for women
leadership in health and development

Advocate for transformative pro-equity theories
and practices of health and development governance and public policies, adapted to the
needs of low and middle-income countries

Contribute to the reduction of social, economic
and gender inequalities and promotion of human
rights and sustainable development

A Guinea-Bissau based not-for-profit organization,
IGHD relies on a wide network of experts,
supporters, advocates, and partners, which makes
it a truly world-wide organization, striving to
improve health and wellbeing for all around the

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